pregnancy timeline


  • at 5 weeks

    At 5 weeks pregnant you will see the starting of your pregnancy (the gestational sac). However you won’t see baby yet.

    Dating Scans
  • At 6 weeks pregnant you will see a small fetal pole and a circular object known as the yolk sac. At this stage your baby’s heart beat has not yet started.

    Dating Scans

    at 6 weeks

  • at 7 weeks

    At 7 weeks you will now see baby’s heart beat. Baby will now start to look like a small peanut.

    Dating Scans
  • At 10 weeks you will see baby begin to move around. Arms and legs are also now visible

    Dating Scans

    at 10 weeks

  • at 12-14 weeks

    12 to 14 weeks is a very important scan to show the early development of you baby. It is also the time to look at the nuchal translucency (skin line at the back of the babies neck) This is one of the indicators of Down Syndrome. At this scan you will also see things like babies skull, heart stomach legs and arm.

    First Trimester Screenings
  • 19 to 21 weeks is your anatomy scan. At this scan the health and development of your baby is looked at. All the internal organs, spine, brain etc are evaluated for correct development and function.

    Anatomy Scans

    at 19-21 weeks

  • at 28-32 weeks

    28 to 32 weeks is a time your doctor may request a growth scan. This scan involves looking at the placenta site, the fluid around baby and the growth of baby. Dopplers are also taken to assess the palcental function.

    Third Trimester Scans
  • A late growth scan may be done to assess the size of your baby. This is always difficult for the mother and father to understand as the baby is now nearly full grown and imaging is not as clear.

    Third Trimester Scans

    at 38-40 weeks

Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Services