Anatomy Scans

This scan is important to see the development and growth of your baby including heart, spine, brain, legs and arms etc.

The anatomy scan will focus on such things as the heart to look for holes and make sure the vessels are located correctly. Adequate brain deveopment including the nose and lips for cleft palate etc. The sonographer will talk you through the scan and inform you what they are looking at and answer any questions you may have.

NOTE: Prior to this scan just have two glasses of water you don’t need to over fill yourself.

Amazing service wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else! Have been twice (gender scan and most recently 28wk 3D 4D scan) I got a heartbeat bear at the gender scan with a recording of bubs heartbeat and they were spot on with the gender and so informative on what everything on the screen was which gave me total peace of mind and today got some AMAZING images and again outstanding service, lovely room and couldn’t feel more comfortable and content.

Emily Jayne
Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Services