Third Trimester Ultrasound

This scan looks at the placenta site, the fluid around baby and the growth of baby. Dopplers are also taken to assess placental function.

28 weeks onwards is the most likely time that a growth scan will be done. Every baby is different and at this scan you will find out If you baby is likely to be big or small. This can be very important if you have known gestational diabetes etc. There are many things that influence the imaging we get at this scan. Placental site, amount of fluid around baby position of baby etc. If things go right you will get amazing pictures however this may not always be the case and you may even find it hard to understand the ultrasound at all.

NOTE: No need to have any fluid in your bladder for this scan.

Absolutely amazing experience at Mandurah office everyone was lovely upon arrival and even though my bub refused to turn around they made every possible attempt to get bub to move including giving me lollies and cold water and sending me away to “do star jumps” we easily determined gender although we couldn’t get a great face shot because of stubborn belly bub, we were able to get some beautiful shots of bub snuggled in. Thank you so much Mandurah ladies for the fantastic treatment and patience with our stubborn bub cannot recommend enough. 🙂 Will definitely be booking the 4d/3d scan later on to see bubby again.

Jaye Edwards
Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Services