3D & 4D Scanning

3D scanning uses advanced ultrasound technology to produce images that appear as you would see the structure in real life.

4D scanning adds the extra dimension of time to 3D imaging, so that the 3D image is moving in real time. Note that whilst 3D/4D scanning will usually be attempted during the procedure, it may not always be possible to obtain perfect views. This is usually because the fetus is not in a good position.

3D and 4D scanning adds an extra dimension to assessing the fetal spine and limbs. It is also use in gynecological studies to assess the shape and morphology of the uterus. Whilst often associated with beautiful baby images it is important to realise we use this technology to also assess the health of your baby.

3D/4D Non Diagnostic Ultrasound

Things to Consider Before Booking a 3D/4D Ultrasound:

  • Many businesses run a 3D baby scanning and Gender service without using qualified staff
  • Why pay more than $180 and be scanned on inferior equipment by unqualified people

Questions You Should Ask:

  • Are you a NATA accredited business?
  • Are all your staff qualified sonographers?
  • Do you use portable ultrasound machines?
  • Does your machine do skin tone images?

Details of Ultrasound Services 3D/4D Scan:

  • Cost $180
  • Appointments will run for 15 minutes (however if your baby is in an awkward position you can rebook the scan at no extra cost)
  • Includes a heart beat bear
  • 10 minute USB included
  • Numerous thermal images
  • All images as .jpegs and .avi’s on USB
  • 2 colour photos

All scans are performed by a fully qualified sonographer that specialises in obstetric ultrasounds with many years of experience.

10/10 recommend! I’ve been to both Mandurah and Applecross for my 3D/4D Ultrasound’s and the photos turned out amazing even when lil mr wasn’t cooperating! Make you feel very welcome, definitely the place to go!

Makayla Allegretta
Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Services